Paul Kruize Jeans is a one-man company born out of the ongoing search for the perfect pair of jeans.

The man is the company. I am Paul Kruize. I studied fashion and I worked as a designer for years, but secretly I always wanted to be a tailor. And as the years went by, I was drawn more and more to making jeans. Not fashion. Jeans. Bespoke, minimalistic, and detailed. For I believe that less is more and god is in the details.

So I did. I honed my skills, I developed patterns, and I made numerous samples. In 2014 I was ready to present myself as a bespoke jeans maker on his quest for the ultimate pair of jeans.

Today, I want to grow my skills as a tailor, not the size of my company. I want to work for individuals, not for labels. I am driven by the tailor’s attitude: mastering and personally executing the total process, from measuring to making.

I have found my place in the world. Figuratively, by searching for the ultimate pair of bespoke jeans. And literally, by living and working in Roombeek, Enschede; an area in the east of The Netherlands with an exceptionally rich heritage in the textile industry. Which, being born into a family of garment producers, fits me perfectly. It makes me think this was always meant to be…

Client quote:

“It will be hard to buy jeans off the rack again”.