If you are unable to visit my studio here’s how to take your own measurements (in centimeters) .

The measurements from your body are best measured over underwear or wearing jeans with all pockets emptied.

-For the waist (A on drawing) put the tape measure around your waist at the height where you want the jeans to sit. The tape measure should be close fitting your body, not pulled tight.

-For the seat (B on drawing) place the tape measure round your hip over the biggest part of your hip and bottom. Again loosely close to your body without pulling it tight.

The other measurements can be taken from one or more pairs of jeans you own. Best use a recently washed, non-stretch jeans for this. You can use favourite pairs as reference. See which pair you like best for knee and foot width as well as the rise of the jeans. You can combine these measurements to put together the perfect combination.

From these measurements I will draw you a pattern. Please be very accurate in measuring and make sure to double check as all is based on this. If you need any help, let me know!

Your personal measurements are what I will work from. Also I would like to receive some photos of you (front, back and side view). This will help me judge your posture while making the pattern. If you wear a pair of jeans with a fit you like, this can help choose the right fit.

I use 3 different fits to start from: slim, regular and loose. The slim fit is close to the body. The regular fit has some more room on the top block. The loose is the most relaxed fit.

If at any time you need guidance, feel free to mail me directly at info@paulkruize.com. I will gladly help you through the process!

measuring (in centimeters):

A – waist from body
B – seat from body

from jeans:
C – waistband
D – length
(E – cuff)
F – knee
G – foot
H – knee height
J – front rise
K – back rise
L – inseam