Private workshop: constructing jeans

For those enthousiasts who want to learn how to make their own jeans, or those who want to improve their skills. If you want to learn the ins and outs, the basics as well as the little details that make the difference, this workshop is for you!

This private workshop is all about the construction of a pair of selvedge jeans. You will learn the technical details of jeans making, style, fabrics, threads and hardware. Working from your own pattern or jeans, Paul will teach you the specifics of a pair of selvedge jeans. The workshop will cover a lot of constructional details of the making process. You will have the opportunity to practice some skills on the machine during the workshop.

The private workshop is bespoke, so if you have any specific questions let Paul know so the workshop can be tailored to your needs.

Some experience in sewing would be helpful.

After following this workshop you will be ready to take a next step into jeans making!

some topics:

+ basics about the selvedge pattern
+ info on selvedge denims and threads and hardware
+ jeans construction (single needle, one machine)
+ use of selvedge
+ one piece fly construction
+ buttonholes by hand
+ waistband, belt loops

the workshop details:

+ 2 days, 4 hours each
+ fee: €950
+ lunch and coffee included
+ location: the studio in Enschede


Email for more information to