In contrast to the mass production that’s common in the fashion world, I like to keep things simple and small. Just one man, one machine, making one pair of jeans at a time. Cut and sewn exclusively for you.

It’s all about quality in fabric, design, technique and – without a doubt – fit. More than anything the fit is what sets your bespoke jeans apart from the mass product. The pattern is hand drafted from your individual measurements and style choices. Hence the superior fit. The jeans are made the sartorial way, with all the attention you deserve!

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I am driven by the tailor’s attitude: mastering and personally executing the entire process from measuring to making. Besides jeans I also work on other garments like shirts and worker jackets.

The man is the company, I am Paul Kruize. In 2014 I was ready to present myself as a bespoke jeans maker on his quest for the ultimate pair of jeans. Bespoke, minimalistic, and detailed. For I believe that less is more and god is in the details.

I live and work in Roombeek, Enschede, an area in the east of The Netherlands with an exceptionally rich heritage in the textile industry. This, being born into a family of garment producers, fits me perfectly. It makes me think this was always meant to be…

Client quote:

“There isn’t a better artisan making jeans on the planet – on par with my favourite tailor (John Hitchcock) and shoemaker (Koji Suzuki) for marrying the holy trinity of fit, style and make”.